Shiva replies:

Brilliant One, this experience can occur between two breaths.

When the air enters and down and just before it flows up and out

– Feel how charitable.


Meditation is a state of mind. A state where we fluently and spontaneously use our mind to be present in our bodies and our lives. It’s not about being conscious or unconscious – or educate, analyze and change ourselves. There is also room for worries and disturbing thoughts and feelings. Only a watchful presence.

There are various levels of the meditative state. Common to them is that we discover who we are and rediscover the joy of being alive. Life and consciousness are one and the same river.

there are great potentials in every human being. To train ourselves to be this river we might choose use some techniques called meditation.

Through the years I have collected hundreds of exercises so that we can keep our training liquid and free of boredom. Common to them is that they are very light and easy to carry “in the pocket” of everyday diverse situations.

Some of the most exciting of these exercises comes from Vigyan Bhairav ​​Tantra. It is a several thousand year old text, which contains a deep and proven knowledge of what is needed for a human being can get used to living in the meditative state.

Several of these exercises using breathing as a training object. Breathing we always have on us. No need for special skills. All we have to do is pay attention to our breath.

The first exercise is to ask the always restless consciousness to gather awareness of the gap between two breaths.

Nothing else. Ask yourself: what happens in the space? Follow the breath all the way from the nostrils and lungs. At some point the breath. How is it?

The exercise can be expanded to follow the breath up and out. At one point the breath also there – out of the body. Feel the interval. How is it?

It takes effort and persistence, but over time the soothing effect of this simple exercises show up in everyday life.

Have fun!!