I always say that humans are designed to be happy. But it does not mean that it is a requirement. Or that it’s embarrassing when we are raving unhappy, whiny , depressed or just in a bad mood.

We live in a time where it has almost become a duty to be happy. In this context, happiness sometimes is being seen as synonymous with success . Success at work. Success in the relationship. Success with children’s development. Success with weight and health. Social success. Economic success .

Success is something that can be flashed to the environment by using the right address , the right car, the right clothes , the right electronics … the list is endless. Conditional happiness.

Therefore, it can also be quite difficult to admit when we feel like failures and are unhappy .

Conditional happiness is one side of the coin. Accident and loss is the inevitable other side.

As a meditation teacher and practitioner for 35 years , I have learned that it is precisely in those desperate moments when we feel cheated and happiness seems to be an unattainable , stupid idea that we have the very best chance to train a completely different kind of happiness that has nothing to do with success , health, or other symbolic and social values.

The kind of happiness , I’m talking about is the one that we are designed to experience . The kind of happiness that it can be even harder, live in and live out because it requires that we work with ourselves.

It is a renewable form of happiness that is independent of the weather.

And the place where we practice it in our ordinary lives.

We have to start by saying thank you. Thank you because I cry when I’m unhappy. Thank you , I can breathe. Thank water comes out of my tap. Thanks for the box lady’s smile when I bought milk today. Thank you , there are volunteers who want to talk to me if I go with suicidal thoughts . Thank you because I can ride me a ride . Thank you for every step I take. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

If we do every day , three like small things to give thanks for , then this gratitude quietly over time open heart for life neglected values.

This is something the body understands. The body has about 60 trillion cells that are experts in survival , begins to produce happiness hormones. The better we get to let the body do what it does best – being happy and functioning, the more we come to live in a state of quiet joy that radiates to our surroundings .

The type of happiness is contagious. When you dare to be happy for no reason , you give others the courage to do the same.

In this way, being happy is one of the most loving qualities we can develop in ourselves that automatically will bring light and hope into the lives of our fellow beings .

Happiness for no reason is compassion in action.