The first time you sit down to meditate, you might be shocked at how many thoughts and emotions that are swirling around in your mind.

This is normal. It is your starting point.

Most of us believe that thoughts and feelings are small oracles which we have to deal with. The result is that we are being pulled around the ring of our own disturbed mind.

This exercise – which is at least a thousand years old,-  is simple and effective. It teaches you to drop the link with the talks and discussions with all the thoughts and emotions.

Amid the confusion, you need an anchor point. The anchor point is your nostrils. The only thing you need to concentrate on is the sensory experience of air that comes and goes in your nostrils.

If you need a little support, you can imagine that your mind is like a summer blue sky.

The thoughts and emotions are like clouds that come and go on this sky. They come from  nothing and go back to nothing.

If you should get to fly around with some of your clouds, then just drag your attention gently back to the sensory experience of air that comes and goes in your nostrils.

That’s it.

Do not be nervous to miss your life the best idea. It’ll come back after the meditation, if it is so important!

This exercise is good to have in your pocket and you can use it anytime and anywhere.

Best every day. Three minutes at a time is enough. It gives you a feeling of success, and gradually meditation will be something you want to use.

And as the name of the exercise implies, then you will over time develop peace of mind.