The brain is fantastic. And it is expert at distinguishing . It helps us navigate through life by detecting tiny differences. Brains are good survival.

But if we look at our bodies , the heart is the first organ to be formed in the fetus .


Nature – as an expert in life – spend a lot of effort into shaping the heart. So there is perhaps more behind generations poetic fascination with the heart than mere unscientific , sentimental and unrealistic fantasy. Perhaps imagination is even more powerful and less painful than the cultural brainwash has told us?

Institute of HeartMath has for many years researching heart intelligence. Gregg Braden tells more about it at:

When we begin to understand the enormous resource of creative intelligence that is right there in our very own the chest, mayber gives rise to a yearning to learn more about it . And here we encounter difficulties with our entire upbringing that tells us to only count on the brain.

The brain can not be creative. Creative expression becomes a mental construction and is not in coherence with a more flexible creative power or feeling.

Falling in love is a gift where our focus is send directly into the heart’s intelligence. Everything is easy . We do not need to sleep and eat . But although the experience can be both wonderful and painful, then it is out of balance. We can not be in it, because we are untrained . After a period of dopamin filled joy, the feeling of I’ness turns back into the brain again and life’s poetic magic disappears.

If we want to be creative and maybe even become a part of the creative elite, sociologists speak of as the future elite , then we have to train.

Here’s a suggestion for a small light exercise, which over time helps you yo to get used to label the world from the heart

First imagine that your brain disappears. If it feels weird to have a completely empty the skull you can with your playful imagination create an image of a starry night sky in the skull . Underneath there is a quiet lake surrounded by fragrant plants . On the lake a snow-white swan is swimming. Peace in the head.

Now you begin to pretend the nerves that go from the ears, eyes , tongue, nose and skin moves directly into the heart area of ​​the chest cavity.

When you hear a sound , hear it deeply and sincerely with your heart

When you see something , so look from the heart. Taste with the heart. Let smells be processed with the heart’s intelligence. Let all experiences reach the heart . Feel your heart. Develop confidence in the heart and enjoy the experience, it gives you.

Soon you have developed a new habit of meeting the world and yourself in ways where you feel and experience yourself as completely integrated into the whole.

Changes no longer challenges the brain to calculate the best way out of . Changes are instead inspirations for creating processes and creativity.

Over time the brain and heart begin to work together harmoniously . It’s not just good for our creativity. It also gives our self- healing abilities the best working conditions.