It is a great pleasure for me to write here on my blog. The joy comes from being able to share my knowledge and experiences.

Regardless of how we think and feel about ourselves, each of us is a precious and lovely creature that embodies the same unbelievable intelligence that permeates the entire universe.

It is a great responsibility to be a meditation teacher. Therefore, I work every day to sharpen my own intelligence and follow the research that nowadays occurs in brain research, quantum physics, psychiatry and spiritual science. And I strive to convey these difficult topics so that they can be understood in ways that make sense in the everyday situations, we all find ourselves in every moment of our lives.

I committed to imparting knowledge about happiness. Most of us yearn for happiness because we instinctively know that we can be happy.

In fact, we designed to be happy.

Happiness is based in the body. By creating the circumstances in our lives that supports happiness at all levels, we get

• Increased activity in the left frontal lobe. It is the brain’s conductor, which enables us to consciously opt out of destructive thoughts and feelings, so there is room to develop empathy / love and joy.

• Regular heart rhythm. This reduces the load on the heart and gives inner peace

• Increased levels of neurotransmitters – for instance:.

 Oxycontin (especially in women) that increases our desire and ability to relationships

 serotonin, which affects our mood and reduces anxiety and anxiety

 Dopamine, a reward substance of well being, inner peace and better sleep.

Stress and abuse leads to low serotonin levels.

Meditation, love and community enhances the neurotransmitters number and give them better working conditions.

The perk from train happiness is that we becom better partners in the family and at work. We stop attracting what we hate and repel what we want. We long for being open to love – and above all we will be the very best version of ourselves.

The result of training joy and happiness is that our brains are given the quiet it needs  to develop into full maturity. When I write brains in plural, it is because we have brain cells spread throughout the body. Not only between the ears. The three highest concentrations of brain cells exist between the ears, around the heart region in the ventral area.

Gradually arise ever more frequently an experience of pure being, where we are aware that we are part of the universal network of intelligence. We begin to see that everything is connected to everything. There is nothing particularly sacred or unusual about it. It’s just the way life is and the universe works. By meditating regularly, we will increasingly experience a great sense of security of life and ourselves.

The unusual aspect is that we most of us have forgotten it – and forgotten how to live happily.

The most remarkable is how some people develop ugly, unloving and disgusting behavior. It is uncanny how we can get that far away from our mind’s luminous and happy nature.

We are seven billion people on earth. We need knowledge about the nature of mind, so we can live better together.

The idea of ​​the pain of a human life in darkness, despair or malice drives me. Drives me to continue to train myself and go on and on and on teaching.

My greatest desire is that my students and readers will do the same.

Pass it on !!