Shakti , see all space as if allready absorbed in your own head in the brilliance


The words stem from the several thousand years old Vigyan Bhairav ​​Tantra . Behind the words there is a very specific view of the world and humanity . The universe is composed of energy. A mixture of joy and emptiness .

Human beings experience the world with our body , our senses and not least our brain .

The brain is located in the skull in absolute darkness. The world we experience and call reality is created inside the brain . Our world is a kind of dream created by something that we call consciousness. In other words, something that we do not know is doing something that we do understand. And yet we must admit that we are experiencing it.

But where do we experience it ? In our consciousness by means of , inter alia, the brain. It is not the brain itself that creates the experience. The way I see it it is the consciousness that makes it .

Exercise 74 in Vigyan Bhairav ​​Tantra suggests that we practice being aware that the heavenly universe is a dream that is being created inside the brain . Down to the smallest detail. Life is an amazing dream that feels 100% real.

This exercise 74 is very freaky. Try it anyway … for fun – to expand your limits , but do it together with others. Do not do it alone. The perception that the entire universe is inside your head is so far removed from the way we are accustomed to experiencing the world , so it might be a little scary.

Again: try this – you do not know what is out there. Everything you experience is created in the head.

In our time one may encounter similar notions that everything in the universe is created in the brain